Thursday, September 18, 2008

There are many "C's" in success!

I have found a CEO of a large corporation who has a great message she lives by and works with.
Indra Nooyi has been CEO of PepsiCo Inc. for just under two years and is a lady to watch. A dynamic CEO, she's already having impact on the bottom line and stock margins there. More importantly, she is a well spoken, interesting person with a clarity of focus that shapes her approach to life...

Here's a small snippet of her thought process -

If you want to be successful, you have to remember the "C's";
  • COMPETENCE - you have to be damn good at something, and make plans to stay CURRENT with that skill
  • COURAGE (and CONFIDENCE) - speak up when you think something is not being done right... be willing to break some china!
  • COMMUNICATION - must be able to COMMUNICATE what you are doing in a COMPELLING way
  • COMPASS - if you don't have moral integrity, all you do is for naught
  • COACHING - look for, and mentor the best. Find those who demonstrate the C's and hitch your horse to theirs... you'll go places together, and the ride will be worth it!

This kind of message is not new, but it is refreshing to see in being offered up as a philosophy in corporate America. Makes me want to support the company, even though I'm not a fan of their product (unlike a dear friend!).

Maybe she'd consider putting this message on the sides of the pop cans to give the kids something to think about?

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