Friday, December 12, 2008

2D Coding (cont'd)

2D Coding - it's the new format of condensed information, and you'll start to see these patterned tiles everywhere... Think of them as condensed barcodes, with the ability to embed up to 160 characters of text, web links, phone numbers, skype contact names... any key information snippet that you want to share. Anyone with the decoder (which runs on any camera-equipped cell phone or mobile device) can quickly "snap" the image and instantly decode your message.

Check the back of the new Ontario driver licences and OHIP cards, and you'll see the denser smart card version of the same technology in use.

I blogged about this earlier ( Nov23rd, 2008) but finally had time to go back and play some more. So... here are my messages for you... Check out my favourite web site:

...or connect with me here ~

Expect to see these 2D codes appearing on business cards, posters, t-shirts, coffee mugs... anywhere you can think of posting a key bit of information that "those in the know" can read!