Sunday, November 23, 2008

Build your wild self

Okay... so when every web 2.0 site you engage in wants an image of you, you may as well have some fun! Build yourself a simple fun avatar.. if you feel really creative, pull it over into your fav online image editor and add a few personal details... and away you go...

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Converged Devices - Snappr & 2D Codes (Tame The Web Blog)

Converged Devices, Barcodes & the Future"2D Codes identify an object uniquely... big difference is that 2D Codes can be used to virtually identify anything! Just create a 2D Code and put it on something - Like a shirt, a flyer or a business card." Michael Stephens gives a clear summary of possibilities using 2D codes with converged devices.

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Friday, November 7, 2008

Seeing the *bigger* picture

Why is it that *really* good ideas and concepts come into my sphere of possible actions when I am already more than busy enough with other projects?

Is it a test to see if the new idea is truly that good? ... worthy even, of bumping something else apparently not quite worthwhile enough out of my priority list?

I think so - either that, or my mind is simply too prone to scope creep as new possibilities cross my horizon line. ( ...which is a possible failing I must confess to on some occasions)
The synergy that can marry two different projects into one bigger picture should always be worth pursuing, even if the available hours left in the day for sleep take a hit.