Sunday, September 28, 2008

FAQ's... FUQs... I think we need more of the latter.

We all know about FAQ files... and the need to read them. Somehow, your approach is just so much smarter when you take the time to read the FAQ file *FIRST*.

A while ago I ran across something even better - The FUQ file.
These would be the Frequently Unasked Questions!.... those things that are really important or confusing, but nobody thinks to ask them about until after the problem/damage has been done... The "in hindsight, what you really should have asked" questions. The kinds of things the project developers never even considered. We've all seen software roll-outs that suffered from this.

It takes a very creative thinker to come up with a FUQ file.
Or someone several steps away from the project.
Or a kid.

I'm trying to write one now... for a problem I'm not even quite sure exists... yet.

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