Sunday, April 18, 2010

Best "spots" at the 2010 Enviro-Expo

2010 Enviro-Expo

I went to the 2010 Enviro-Expo which highlights some of the best new ideas and gadgets in the environment and "green" field of thought…
Many of the innovative designs come right out of our local tool & die shops as they refocus energies on more than just the automotive industry. Here are some of my favs... I expect you may see these enter the consumer market soon... indeed some are already available.

Homeowner's rooftop wind turbine
silent magnetic wind turbine

It's meant for YOUR home's rooftop, uses magnetic coils instead of traditional turbine parts... NO sound at all. ...very lightweight so moves in slightest breeze, but tough - can handle sustained winds up to 45 mph.   Watch for this  from Honeywell...

Also from Honeywell - wonderful very low power LED lights which fit all the standard incandescent bases, have warm colour ranges, can be easily dimmed, generate NO heat...

LED ribbon; lavenderLED ribbon lighting

This stuff is great! ... comes by the meter - totally flat, cycles through colours or can be remotely controlled, is very bright.... has very low power consumption. ( NOTE: no more of that heavy awkward "rope" lighting stuff!)

2000 watt solar panelsGenerate 2000 Watts with these solar panels
Each panel (6 of them here) generates 2000 watts electricity, and comes with "sell it back to Ontario Hydro" connection... pays back within 3 years, earns after that...
What's your rooftop earning for you?

even die green!You can even "die" and stay "green"
Entire casket is biodegradable... no hazardous chemical finishes, no metal parts or fasteners... just wood, wood fiber, hemp fiber.... Already available at funeral homes and they even have the embalming fluids with no hazadous chemicals as well.

recycled drink pouches
recycled drink pouches
Beach bags made of re-used foil drink pouches...
Very chic!

enviro packaging

enviro packaging

Made from simple corn, with higher protective cushioning level than styrofoam, and disolves in water within 15 minutes...

Farmers also promoting "green" business ideas....
Just don't eat it... won't hurt you... just awful to taste!

So... as Earth Day 2010 rolls around this year, what are you inventing to help the environment?

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